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Our Story

One ordinary day our two year old son Jordan woke up in the morning and said that he could not walk. From this point on, our lives became much less ordinary. This day marked the beginning of our fight against Neuroblastoma.

Initially, the doctors told us Jordan had a serious bone infection, but his illness did not respond as an infection should have, and we soon found out this tentative diagnosis was wrong. About a week later, after further testing, we were devastated by the diagnosis of Stage IV Neuroblastoma.jordan

Jordan had an advanced stage of cancer. It had initially spread from his left adrenal gland to his bones. At the time of diagnosis, the tumor had spread from head to toe and his prognosis was grim.

Neuroblastoma is the most common of what is known as childhood solid tumor cancers. It affects about 70 kids per year in Canada. That is about 10% of the incidence childhood cancer, yet it results in a disproportionate amount of deaths because it has such a poor prognosis. Jordan’s prognosis for survival was less than 20%, and this survival rate has not changed significantly in the last 20 years.