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Who We Are:

Ever wondering what would happen if your child was ever seriously ill or diagnosed with cancer? BC Children’s Hospital is at the forefront of specialized care and research. Every year about 70 kids in Canda are diagnosed with Neuroblastoma. Most are at Stage 4 and the average age is 2 years old.

You may have read that most childhood cancer are curable and the survival rate is 85%. What you don’t hear is that everyday in North America 7 children die, that is roughly 2600 children every year. It is the leading cause of death due to disease, and takes more lives than all other diseases combined.

Sadly the survival rate for Neuroblastoma has not changed, it is still 30%. The treatment that these children receive it so harsh that the often don’t survive the treatment and if they do they face serious side effects.

Team 4 Hope is a group of people who are dedicated to raising awareness about childhood cancer especially Neuroblastoma. The funds that we raise are directed to a special fund to the foundation that is for Neuroblastoma research.

Please take a moment of your time to look at the special team member pages and read their stories and let them inspire you to give to our cause.